About Us

Our Story


Payton and I met in middle school as we were representing our two small town FFA chapters. We showed livestock for many years together and while we knew each other growing up we never thought  that our paths would cross in the way that they did. My senior year of high school I asked Payton to prom. We started dating shortly after and almost three years later we are married, owning, and operating our own business.

Payton and I never imagined that we would open up a graphics business and not to mention the  boutique that we added into the mix, but God’s plans are always way bigger and better than ours could ever be. We are so thankful that we were blessed with this opportunity and even more thankful for the support we have had from our customers, family, and friends. We are looking forward to this year as we are working on lots of new ideas behind the scenes. So, keep up with us and look for big things in the upcoming months!